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Weekly Recap of New Hip Hop and Soul (Sept 23 - Sept 29, 2022)

Lots of New Hip Hop singles and a number of Quality Hip Hop Albums/EPs were released in the past week. New singles from Homeboy Sandman, R.A.P. Ferreira, Ozay Moore & Newselph, Apollo Brown & Philmore Greene and more. Brand New Albums/EPs from Isatta Sheriff & Koralle, Passport Rav, Young RJ, Killah Priest and Money For Water. We also posted new Soul Albums from Jru Anthony, Alain Zaine, Kim Tibbs, Gabrielle B, new soul single from "Phony Ppl" and more. Some really quality releases so far! Check out the posts from Friday Sept 23rd through Today Sept 29th, 2022 below. Enjoy!



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