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Dead Prez talk Health / Let’s Get Free (Part 2) – Out Da Box TV

As promised, Out Da Box TV brings you Part 2 of our exclusive interview with veteran hip hop group “dead prez”. In this segment, the group speaks on the issue of overcoming struggle and what to prepare to combat next, as war continues to be waged against humanity. also speaks on the importance of health/fitness and the benefits of his “workout motivated music” to the culture at large. The group also took a moment to set the record straight on the possibility of creating a new millennium version of their classic debut “Let’s Get Free”, affirming that their job is never to stand still but always to move forward and embrace change. In closing, M1 and took the time to speak on their musical legacy and what they’d like to be remembered for, when looking back on their career. It was indeed a great honor and a pleasure to work with these brothers. I appreciated their humble time and intelligence given to this interview. Please take the time to check out this segment, as well as Part 1 if you haven’t seen it yet. We hope that this piece will serve as an inspiration to you. Enjoy!



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