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Out Da Box Talks Episode 104 - Kyla Charter Interview (The Soul Feature)

In this Episode 104 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril presents a special interview, to launch our New Out Da Box Talks "SOUL FEATURE SERIES" where he hosts an Interview with a talented Singer, Vocalist or Producer every 4th Friday of the Month. In this Epsiode Cril talks with one of his favorite New Singers, also Guitarist and Producer "Kyla Charter" about her debut New Album "Edible Flowers" which was released earlier this month exclusively on bandcamp. We talk about her early inspirations to sing, as well as her college training with developing her vocalist skills and what lead to the official release of "Edible Flowers". We also talked about the Production Team "Safe SpaceShip" who contributed exceptionally to the album and her role in the production of the project as well. Kyla gives insight into the significance of the Album Name, the depiction of the Cover Art, as well as the song titles, subject matter and lyrics on the album. She also takes the time to talk about her unique approach as a singer, often vocalizing and slow scatting through her music and even singing over her own background vocals. She talks about being inspired by moments of "Feeling" and the importance of translating that feeling into music, beyond just words. Overall the interview is pretty in depth and gives listeners some wonderful insight into who Kyla is as an artist as well as an enhanced understanding and meaning behind the songs on the Album. I strongly encourage you to listen to the album prior to or immediately after this interview as it will make conversation so much more rewarding for you as a listener. The Album "Edible Flowers" is currently only available on bandcamp but is extremely worth the purchase in my opinion. Kyla is certainly one of my favorite new Soul Artists and I truly look forward to the wonderful music she will be putting out in the future. View this link on bandcamp to check out the album, and certainly feel encouraged to Support with a Purchase if you like what you hear. Also listen to HIGH QUALITY Audio of this Episode via the Out Da Box Talks Audio podcast on platforms like Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast etc below and at this link and watch the Interview on our youtube channel Out Da Box TV in the video above or directly on youtube at this link. Enjoy!



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