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Out Da Box Talks Episode 102 - C-Red & The Roux Interview

In this Episode 102 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Houston Emcee "C-Red" and Texas Producer Collective "The Roux" (Kay, Jermaine, KINGMASON) about their New EP entitled "HEIR" and more. The interview begins with their introduction to pursue music, and how they all came together to create the "HEIR" EP released in February of this year. We talk about the thought provoking themes on the project, and C-Red's lyrics on topics like overcoming fear, being true to yourself, achievement, having faith in GOD, wisdom gained from her parents, the values of a healthy relationship and much more. The members of The Roux speak on their rich production contribution to the HEIR EP, along with their individual live instrument contributions, the process of recording the project, the vocal features included and more. C-Red also talks about her Whitecoat Wednesdays IG reel freestyle series and how she's been able to balance a Music Career with pursuing Med School and be successful at both. At the close of the interview, Kay of "The Roux" also gives some insight into their successful contribution to the legendary Phife Dawg's posthumous album "Forever" providing production for the track "2 Live Forever" featuring Posdnous of De La Soul, Little Brother and Darien Brockington. This is certainly an in depth interview that delves deep into the themes, features and production about the new EP "HEIR" but also touches on some other meaningful and impactful contributions of these artists. Enjoy! Also we will have a Bonus Exclusive segment of this interview on our Patreon Page this weekend along with 40 other exclusive interviews and growing, only available to patreon subscribers. Join the Out Da Box Media Patreon at this link. Watch video of interview below on Out Da Box TV Youtube Channel and listen to high quality audio of interview on digital streaming platforms like anchor, spotify, apple, etc. Audio of Episode also embedded below



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