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Out Da Box Talks Episode 103 - Lord Kayso Interview

In this Episode 103 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with talented BK Emcee "Lord Kayso" about his amazing new album "MOOR CHORES" (currently available exclusively on bandcamp). As well as his early inspirations to Emcee, the Inspiration behind his Caribbean Influenced Emcee Sound and Flow, his connection to Family, Guyanese Culture and more. The interview specifically centers around the themes and subject matter expressed on the MOOR CHORES album, including the 3 main Producers involved (Chris Decastro, Haijino, Jesse Rack$on) and how they were able to come up with such a cohesive sound for the project, the awesome sequencing on the album, including his mom's voice in the opening of the album, the glorification of street and gun talk in music and how it's destructive to the youth, his inspiration to write a song about his uncle Mark, principles he's gained from his Dad, his favorite Guyanese Food dishes and much more. Take a listen to the full interview and feel encouraged to become a patreon member of Out Da Box Media to get access to a bonus exclusive interview I did with Lord Kayso where he talks more about some of the topics on this project as well as some of his other music.

Check out the video of the main interview via our Youtube Channel Out Da Box TV above and also check out the high quality audio of the interview via the Audio Podcast Out Da Box Talks on platforms like Anchor, Spotify, Apple, Google etc. also via embedded player below. Click this link and select your platform of desired listen at options listed at the top. Be Inspired!



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