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Episode 38 (Substantial Interview) Video/Audio

In this Episode 38 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Maryland Emcee/Producer "Substantial" about his inspirations to be a Hip Hop Artist, growing up in Maryland and how he was able to develop relationships with DMV artists. He also talks about his new compilation album "What I Been Saying Vol 1" and his efforts and ability to maintain inspiring and uplifting lyrics throughout his career. He also talks about his work as an Educator and the ways in which is has helped him to grow and benefited his outlook as family man. He shares his love for producing and the feel it provides, what gets in the way of people living out their full purpose, how he's been able to overcome certain obstacles with resilience, and much more. This interview is close to 2 hours long but definitely worth checking out. I hope you are inspired! View video above on youtube and listen to audio podcast below and at this link

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