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Episode 40 (The Good People Interview)

In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with NY Hip Hop duo "The Good People" consisting of Emcee "Emskee" and Producer "Saint". In this interview the duo talk about their history with Hip Hop and how the came together as a group, they also talk about their benevolent name and its significance to them. They also talk about their soulful boom bap sound and how they've been able to maintain that vintage vibe in 2020. The interview touches on themes like diversity in Hip Hop, reasons why thought provoking records are often unheard on commercial airwaves, giving recognition to the culture's original elements and valuing quality. The interview also examines the possibility of one who has bias or a false perspective being able to change his/her viewpoints for the better, it also touches on the subject of Black and Brown people standing strong and "NOT Self Destructing" despite the numerous incidents of police brutality and acts of racial injustice. We go on to talk about Producer "Saint's" jazzy soulful production and what inspires him to consistently create that sound, the meaningful lyrics but upbeat vibe of their music that you can also dance to, how the group came together with Emcee's Horror City, Carta P and Quentin Gilmore to form their most recent EP project entitled The Starting 5ive, the authentic NY Hip Hop sound and more. Overall this was an insightful interview and if you're not familiar with "The Good People" I hope you feel encouraged to listen to their music, which really embodies their name in my opinion. "The Good People" make "Good feeling" but meaningful music! Listen below and at this link



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