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Out Da Box Radio - Oh No Interview

In our latest “Artist Spotlight” Episode (originally aired on Out Da Box Radio). Host "Cril" was granted the opportunity to chat with Producer/Emcee #OhNo. He gave us some insight into his upbringing, growing up in a Jazz/Soul Household and experiencing life with his older brother "Madlib" in that setting. Oh No also spoke on growing up with the birth name “Michael Jackson” and how his Mother came to naming him. Later on in the interview, Oh No took the time to describe his signature sound and express his involvement in the latest #Gangrene album, along with the years of relationship he’s built with fellow producer "Alchemist". With Alchemist being older and sharing a birth date very close to his brother "Madlib", I asked if there were any similarities between the two and with an agreeing response, Oh No replied "Yes, We’re all clowns”. He also spoke on his connection to the late "J. Dilla" with Jay Dee being very aware of Oh No's music and even owning some of his records prior to meeting him. We later spoke on his success with #StonesThrowRecords and how impactful the label was in helping to develop his career. He closed the interview with talks on some future collabos, which will include the likes of Chicago’s “Psalm One”and a full length project with “Tri-State” of (Du-Rag Dynasty). This was definitely an insightful interview and there was so much more discussed that did not make this description, please take the time to listen as soon as you get the chance. You will certainly Enjoy!

For an exclusive bonus interview, visit the link at our patreon page to hear "Oh No" speak on growing up alongside his Brother "Madlib", traveling NYC when younger and gaining guidance from him. He also talks about his wildest experiences on tour and more. Subscribe to Out Da Box Media at our patreon page for exclusive clips of interviews never heard before only available to subscribers.

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