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Out Da Box Radio – Dag Savage (Exile & Johaz) Interview

Out Da Box Radio is happy to bring you our latest interview featuring California Artists’ "Exile and Johaz". Together they are better known as “Dag Savage”. The two recently released their debut collabo LP entitled “E&J” following the success of their “Dag Savage EP” and recent “Warning Mixtape". We got the chance to talk with Ex and Jo on a number of topics, beginning with their individual history and how they eventually came together to form the name Dag Savage. In light of the ir new album, Exile took some time to reflect on the success of his previous collabo LPs with Emcee’s like Blu and Fashawn, and identified the common defining moment that has made everyone of his collabo albums something special to him. Johaz later took a moment to reflect on being around during the time Blu was recording “Below The Heavens” and what it meant to witness the classic album in the making. In a turn of topics, we also got Johaz to speak in detail about the struggles of his upbringing and how overcoming the obstacles have helped him to be the man we also know as an artist today. His story definitely gets deep and can be best introduced in the Dag Savage track entitled “Old Time’s Sake”. We also got some word from Jo on future goals he would like to achieve as a growing artist. The other part of the interview gave light to Exile and the success of his record label known as "Dirty Science". He also spoke on the cutting edge/experimental Los Angeles Beat scene, giving props to Sound In Color, Low End Theory and Stones Throw as labels/movements that have helped make an impact in buildin’ the west coast indie beat making scene. I truly had a blast talkin’ with both Exile and Johaz for this very insightful interview. If you like what you hear from their music, definitely feel free to support with a purchase on itunes or at their Dirty Science website. In the meantime please do take a moment to check out our in-depth interview with Dag Savage themselves. We hope you are certainly inspired!

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