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Out Da Box Radio – Denmark Vessey & Scud One (Cult Classic Interview)

Out Da Box Radio is happy to bring you a special interview featuring producer/emcees Denmark Vessey and Scud One. We were fortunate to speak with the two mid-west artists recently in regards to their amazingly creative concept album, entitled “Cult Classic”. A tale about a rapper turned Cult Leader who decides to go the route of Organized Religion in an effort to gain power and control over the masses. Both artists took the time to speak on their individual history as well as their respective contributions to the project. Denmark explained how the concept of the album came to be and also touched on some of the feedback he received from religious followers who happened to hear the album. Scud took a moment to break down the production approach for the project and expressed the impact that producer/label owner “Exile” had on the making of album. Denmark later took some time to speak on the inspiration for his name, as well as the potential dangers of being involved in a cult and how young people today are affected by the cult influences of their generation. Scud shared some insight into the album’s story line which was fortunately broken down into track by track liner notes thanks to the Nahright Listener Guide. Denmark concluded the interview by giving some insight into how he wanted to bring a close to the album but left open speculation for a continuation to the concept, in the form of a possible prequel. I truly had a great time speaking with both Denmark and Scud, it was indeed a pleasure to build on the subject of their latest project, which I feel is one of the most creative hip hop album’s of the year. "CultClassic" is currently available via itunes digitally and can also be found in CD and Vinyl formats via fatbeats. Denmark’s awesome prequel mixtape to the album entitled “Don’t Drink The Kool Aid” is available for free download via Definitely feel free to support their music with a purchase if you like what you hear. In the meantime, take a moment to listen to our insightful interview with Denmark and Scud. We hope you are inspired!



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