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Out Da Box Radio - Eric Lau Interview

Out Da Box Radio brings you our latest Interview featuring the successful UK Producer/DJ “Eric Lau”. We got the chance to talk with Eric last month around the week his studio sophomore album “One Of Many” was released. He took the time to speak to us about his drive to pursue music without having the initial support from his parents, as well as the impact of his best friend’s suicide. Among more current things, Eric spoke to us about the message and significance of his new album “One Of Many”. He also spoke about his collaboration with Detroit Emcee “Guilty Simpson” and how he was able to bring out the soulful sound that was displayed on their project “The Mission EP”. Eric further gave some insight into the current UK music scene and the rising hopes for success he has for fellow artists like Rahel, Tawiah, Olivier Daysoul, Fatima and others who are featured on his new album. “One Of Many” is available in stores now and I must say is one of my favorite soulful vocal albums this year. Eric’s rich soul sampled production shines through in such a magnificent way. Check out our in-depth interview with the man himself and please be encouraged to support Eric if you like what you hear. Much thanks to Eric Lau and everyone else who has taken the time to listen to any of our Out Da Box Radio episodes this year. Enjoy and continue to spread the word!

Out Da Box Radio (Promo Video)

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