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Out Da Box Radio – Rapper Big Pooh Interview

Out Da Box Radio is happy to feature accomplished North Carolina Emcee “Rapper Big Pooh” of the legendary hip hop group “Little Brother”. Pooh took the time to speak to us on a range of intriguing topics including his beginnings as an emcee, the sacrifices he made being a part of Little Brother, his personality impact on the group and more. He even cleared the record on the possibility of a future Little Brother reunion, expressing that him and 9th Wonder have began to reconcile their differences, but the group is still far from rejoining. As the interview progressed Pooh gave further details on his growth as a solo artist, his recent work with Slum Village and his outlook on being a balanced business man / artist (i.e. doing it for the love vs the money). I certainly enjoyed this conversation with Pooh. He had a humble vibe and a great sense of humility during the talk, and I wish him the best in all of his future moves. When you get a a chance, feel free to pick up his latest album entitled “Fat Boy Fresh Volume 2” which was released recently last November. In the meantime, please take the time to listen to our interview with the man himself. Enjoy and definitely feel encouraged to spread the word.

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