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Out Da Box Radio – Ray West & OC (of D.I.T.C.) Interview

Out Da Box Radio is happy to bring you an enlightening interview with Veteran Producer and Emcee, Ray West and OC (of D.I.T.C.). Last month, the two artists released their debut collabo project, entitled “Ray’s Café”, a project themed around the atmosphere of a vibed out Jazz Club. We got the chance to speak to them on a number of insightful topics. The 1st, being their individual history and how their intent to do music as a career all began. They also spoke on the album’s theme and the importance of preserving Jazz and Blues music for today and future generations. In addition they talked about what naturally evolving Hip Hop should sound like in 2014 and referenced artists like Roc Marciano and Ka as artists who exemplify the New York sound in its most authentic form today. On the beat making side, Ray took a moment to speak on the subject of Analog Vs Digital production as well as his thoughts on artists who use a software approach. He states “I try not to hate on anybody’s process, as long as they’re creating music that they feel good about and they can make it sound dope, then I’m a 100 percent with it”. As the interview progressed, OC gave some insight into his earlier career in reference to his debut LP “Word Life”, and the story behind his successful “Time’s Up” Record. He further touched on the success of being a part of the D.I.T.C. crew and offered up some advice for hip-hop crews of this generation (i.e. Pro Era) to continue to flourish. In conclusion, Ray and OC spoke on their relationship with fellow D.I.T.C. emcee and friend “AG”. They also offered some insight into the reflective subject of “Rules They Would Break And Rules They Would Keep” if they had the chance to start their career all over again. This was truly an insightful interview that taught me a lot about these artists, their perspectives and their profound contributions to Hip Hop music. I feel that true fans of 90’s Golden Era Hip Hop will deeply appreciate this interview. It was a great pleasure to build with Ray and OC and I wish them much success in their future endeavors. Feel free to support their latest project entitled “Ray’s Café” out now via Red Apples 45, available on vinyl as well as itunes. In the meantime, certainly take some time to listen to our in-depth interview with the two artists. We truly hope you are inspired!



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