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Out Da Box Radio – Talib Kweli Interview

Out Da Box Radio is extremely happy to bring you our first episode of the year, featuring the talented and accomplished Brooklyn Lyricist better known as “Talib Kweli”. It has been a long time coming, in trying to connect with the brother, so it was indeed a pleasure to finally achieve the interview. Fresh off the recent release of his 6th Studio LP entitled “Gravitas”, we got a chance to talk with Kweli on a number of topics revolving around his career as well as on the current state of hip hop. He took the time to speak on his latest #Kweliclub movement ( which has enabled fans to purchase music directly from him and provide a more intimate artist to fan connection. He also spoke in-depth about his feelings behind being labled a “conscious rapper” and explained the significance behind the title of his “Prisoneer Of Conscious”LP. As the interview progressed, Kweli took the time to clear the air on everything from Black Star, to working with Hi-Tek, as well as other producers and being recently recognized in a high manner by New York’s newly elected Mayor “Bill de Blasio”. Later on in the conversation Kweli took a moment to speak on the controversial topic of entertainers being alledgedly involved in the illuminati ,and the dangers behind that type of perception. Also,in response to the recent Grammy Award Ceremony, Kweli took the time to speak on fellow hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar and his thoughts behind Kendrick loosing out to Macklemore for Rap Album of the year. I had a great time buildin’ with Kweli for this long over due Out Da Box conversation. I want to definitely thank the good people at Javotti Media for helping to make this opportunity happen. It was indeed a pleasure to finally connect with Kweli on a journalist level, and I certainly hope others are able to enjoy the interview as well. Kweli’s latest LP enitled Gravitas is now available digitally via and is scheduled to be released physically on CD and Vinyl on February 18th. His recent “Prisoner Of Conscious” LP is currenlty available physically and digitally as well. So do feel free to support and pick up any of the music, if you like. You can also keep up with Kweli via his Twitter@TalibKweli if you’re not following him yet. In the meantime, definitely stream below and check our in-depth Out Da Box Radio interview with the man himself. We hope you are inspired!



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