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Out Da Box Radio - Willie The Kid Interview

Out Da Box Radio is happy to bring you a special interview with Michigan Emcee “Willie The Kid”. We got the chance to speak with Willie recently on a number of of topics, including how he got his start in music and how he’s been able to achieve success coming up in the mixtape circuit (via Gangsta Grillz/ The Aphilliates). Willie also took the time to speak in-depth about his recent work with Producer, The Alchemist on The Masterpiece Theatre EP and shared his experience of recording at the Rap Camp (Alchemist’s Studio) where he was able to vibe with and witness the creative work of other skilled lyricists like Roc Marciano, Action Bronson and others. Among other things, Willie took the time to speak on the influences of his intricate rhyme style and some of the things his core fans might have in common, with regards to how they listen to his music. He also took a moment to reflect on the accolades given to him last year by the artist “Drake” in reference to his music off "The Cure 2 Mixtape", by stating his gratitude for not only the props as an Emcee, but also for the particular songs of his, which Drake chose to recognize. As the interview progressed, Willie gave some insight into his upcoming projects and further established why we can continue to expect more musical output from him. I must say, it was indeed a pleasure buildin’ with such an ambitious and talented lyricist, I was fortunate to speak with Willie on so much more insightful topics, so I highly encourage you to take the time to listen to the entire interview whenever you get a chance. Also, be sure to check for and support his latest "Aquamarine" project as well as his recent collabo EP with The Alchemist. For further info and updates on Willie feel free to check him out on twitter @theWILLIETHEKID. Thanks wholeheartedly for supporting Out Da Box. We hope you are inspired!



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