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Out Da Box Radio – Yancey Boys (Frank Nitt & Illa J) Interview

Out Da Box Radio is happy to bring you a brand new interview with emcee’s Frank Nitt and Illa J also known as the “Yancey Boys”. The group consists of the previous mentioned emcees, alongside the late Legendary Artist “J. Dilla” as the prime Producer. We were fortunate to speak with both Frank and Illa on a number of topics which included their new album “Sunset Blvd”, as well as the influence and impact their great brother “J. Dilla” had on them. Frank Nitt also took the time to share some insight into how the collaborations came about for the album, as well as the mission him and Illa set out to accomplish with the music. He took a moment to also speak on his recent solo releases. One of them, being a collaborative project with producer extraordinaire “Madlib” and expounded on what it was like working with him. He even spoke on the similarities between Madlib and Dilla, and gave some insight into how Dilla related to Lib, being an admirer of the earlier “Lootpack” records. We also got a chance to hear both artists speak on memorable moments shared with Dilla while out in L.A. As the interview came to a close, both artists delved briefly into their future goals as well as the next step for the group and the label Delicious Vinyl. Overall, I had a great time speaking with Frank and Illa J. They had a very happy and humble vibe during the interview, which made for a successful flowing conversation. Please take the time to listen and definitely feel free to share if you like what you hear. We hope you enjoy!

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