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Out Da Box Talks Episode 73 (Edo.G & Insight Innovates Interview)

In this Out Da Box Talks Episode 73, Host Cril talks with Legendary Boston Emcee "Edo.G" and Producer/Emcee "Insight Innovates" about their new Self Titled Album, coming together to collaborate, the uplifting and inspirational approach to the lyrics and overall message of the album, the way the production was crafted and more. Also, in the interview "Edo.G" gives insight to how he's been able to adapt and continue to grow as an artist from the late 80's all the way till today. He also takes the time to speak on his famous and responsible Hip Hop record with his former group "The Bulldogs" entitled "Be A Father To Your Child" and the positive impact the song has made throughout the years. This was a very insightful interview. Feel encouraged to check out the youtube video above and the audio of the interview at link below

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