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Out Da Box Talks Episode 15 (Mase and P. Diddy, J. Dilla’s Legacy, Story Telling In Rap, Jay Electro

In the 2nd Episode of 2020, Out Da Box Talks hosts "Cril" and "A Level" converse about the topic "Is There Room For Morality In The Record Business?" A topic inspired from the recent tweet made by 90's Harlem Rapper "Mase" calling out P. Diddy over past business practices he felt was unfair. We also talk about the late legendary Hip Hop Producer "J-Dilla" and what his legacy has evolved to 14 years after his demise. We even get into some Dilla music gems. As the show progresses, Cril and A Level switch themes to talk about "Story Telling In Hip Hop" and how the concept is worthy of Ice Cube's accolades that it is one of the highest levels of emceeing. A conversation that we can do a whole other show on! We continue the show by giving light to Jay Electronica's anticipated debut album, which according to him, will be released sometime this March. A Level calls this segment the "Jay Watch" and indeed we're watching to see that it actually comes out on the said date. We had a wonderful time doing this show and certainly hope you enjoy as well. Feel free to spread the word about Out Da Box Talks and hit us up if you have any questions or suggestions for topics of the show. We'll be taking guest phone calls alot this year so let us know if you'd like to be on an upcoming show. Email: Listen below and at this link



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