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Out Da Box Talks Episode 16 (The John Robinson Interview)

In this Episode 16 of Out Da Box Talks, hosts Cril and A-Level start the show off by discussing the topic "Has hustle and business success become more rewarded than conscious subject matter in Hip Hop?" A conversation they dissect from the standpoint of having a passion for the artform of Hip Hop music. During the full remainder of the show they talk with Emcee "John Robinson" about his journey as an Artist/ business man and how he's been able to keep his integrity throughout the years with his artistry. John Robinson also gives insight on the importance of Ownership and Enterprising within Hip Hop and drops a number of jewels about being successful going the independent artist route. This was a very in-depth interview and we really are grateful for J.R. granting us this special phone interview. Take a listen now. We certainly hope you are inspired! Listen below and at this link



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