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Out Da Box Talks Episode 19 (Supa Nova Slom Interview)

In this episode of Out Da Box Talks, Hosts Cril and A-Level speak in depth with Hip Hop Medicine Man "Supa Nova Slom" who has been involved in Holistic Wellness, Living and promoting the Healthy lifestyle for the majority of his life. He is a Holistic Health Coach, a Published Author, a Combat Veteran and Vegan Body Builder among other titles. We were so grateful to have him on our show, especially at a time where the world is experiencing the Coronavirus Pandemic. He takes a moment to share how he was introduced into the Wellness Lifestyle being raised by his Mother, the renowned Holistic Healer "Queen Afua" . He also talks about his efforts and passion to impact the Hip Hop community through years of teaching and empowering our generation about Wellness. He gives insight on everything from maintaining good Mental Health to ways people can keep physically healthy and boost their immune system during times like this and beyond. When asked about the role Hip Hop can play in activating its voice to empower and uplift during the time of this pandemic, Nova champions the Underground Artists as the ones who have always spoken up for the people whether in times of crisis or not and expects the same to happen. However at large we understand that Hip Hop still has a long way to go in dealing with real matters that affect the people vs the frivolous, materialistic lifestyle that it often perpetuates. He makes it clear that the Grassroots/Underground representers of Hip Hop is where we will continue to hear the impactful voice in Hip Hop and hopefully the mainstream will follow. Nova also give a glimpse of what it was like to maintain his Plant Based Lifestyle while serving as a Soldier in Afghanistan and how he was able to inspire others on the path. Overall this interview was quite a successful and empowering one. For anyone interested, Supa Nova currently has his successful book available digitallly for FREE at his website TheRemedyBook.Com and you can also visit the website of his plant based supplement company shared with his Brother "Ali" and cousin "Kazi" called Supa Nova has been on the front lines of Wellness and Healing for our Hip Hop generation for many years. We hope you are inspired and motivated to keep Healthy from this episode! As Supa Nova says "Wellness Salute!" and Safety to you and yours! Enjoy! Listen below and at this link

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