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Out Da Box Talks Episode 20 (Jay Electronica and Royce’s New LPs, New Releases of 2020 etc.

New Episode up today from Out Da Box Talks hosts Cril and A-Level. I "Cril" apologize for putting this show up so late on this Friday, its honestly been a tough week for me, but wanted to get this one up for the Out Da Box fans/ listeners. I hope you all stay safe and healthy during these challenging times we are facing via the Corona Virus Pandemic. In this episode Cril and A-Level speak on Jay Electronica's long awaited LP "A Written Testimony" and why we appreciate it for what it is among other compliments. We wanted to focus on the good instead of the negatives. We also talk about some other dope Hip Hop releases of 2020 so far and reflect on the Historic DJ Premier and Rza DJ battle that took place on Instagram recently. Hope you enjoy this one and stay inspired and stay loved during this time. Enjoy! Listen below and at this link

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