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Out Da Box Talks Episode 25 (Focus The Truth Interview)

In this Episode 25 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Queens Emcee "Focus The Truth" on his New Album entitled "Immortal" alongside some of the Thought Provoking topics expressed in his lyrics. He takes a moment to explain how he came up with his Emcee Name and why he decided to title the Album "Immortal". We talk about his outlook on his home town "Queens NYC" and its successful impact on Hip Hop as well as his clear delivery as an Emcee and what inspired his conscious approach to rap. In the interview, Focus also takes the time to reflect on the influence his Father had on him as an Entrepreneur and how he's been able to use the wisdom to encourage him in his music career. The conversation goes on to talk on subjects which range from thinking positive in negative circumstances to brief thoughts around combatting police brutality as well as how he would like his Legacy to be remembered as an Emcee. Definitely check this interview out when you get a chance. Focus The Truth's vocal delivery and thought provoking messages as an Emcee make him a name worthy of recognition in Hip Hop for today and years to come. Hope you are inspired! Listen below and at this link



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