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Out Da Box Talks Episode 26 (United Front Interview)

In this Episode 26 of Out Da Box Talks, Hosts A-Level and Cril talk in depth with "United Front" Emcees "Deedle Green" and "Bomani UFG" about a number of topics related to the Liberation of African People in America and Abroad. They speak on their message as Emcees and define their sound Afrikan Insurrection music which reflects the harsh pain that Black people throughout the diaspora have had to face for centuries under Slavery and Oppression. The interview also asks the question Why has there been an absence of Social commentary from premiere rap talent in today's genre and what solutions would it take to overcome white supremacy considering everything that has been going on due to Police Brutality and other countless tragedies related to Racial Injustice. This was certainly a deep interview that delved into Deedle and Bomani's perspective which is reflective of the pains that African Americans and other Africans around the world have faced due to years and years of Oppression, Slavery and Injustice. Listen with an Open Mind below or at this link



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