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Out Da Box Talks Episode 27 (MH The Verb Interview)

In this Episode 27 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Emcee "MH The Verb" on his new Album "Space Ninja"and more. At the beginning of the interview MH gives some insight into his journey as an artist and explains what inspired the Space Helmet which he expressively dons in some of his music videos and album art. MH also goes on to talk about empowering Generational Communication between the Elders and the younger folks as well as what he thinks it would take for Police Brutality and years Racial Injustice to be finally over and done. We also talk about everything from astrology and its effect on these days and times, his inspiration for the track "Jupiter Sunrise" and what he would say to an Extraterrestrial Life form if he were to ever meet one. He gives insight on how he see's mental health as well as his activism today. The interview is very Thought Provoking and gives you a good glimpse into MH's perspective on a range of topics addressed in his New "Space Ninja" album. MH also released a really dope album entitled "Afronauts" in 2017 and I encourage you to check that one out as well. Both Projects are now available on digital and streaming networks. Listen to episode below and at this link



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