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Out Da Box Talks Episode 29 – Che Noir Interview

In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Buffalo Emcee "Che Noir" on a number of topics including her inspiration to start rapping, how she got connected with Emcee 38 Spesh, growing up raised by a Single Mother and the wisdom she gained from the experience. Che also talks about choosing the route of integrity / thought provoking lyrics over the hyper sexual provocative female rap image. She gives insight into her upcoming Album with Detroit Producer "Apollo Brown" and how her collaboration with the Legendary Black Thought came to be. The interview also touches on the current challenges that some Black Women and Black Men share against each other and takes a glimpse at ways we can begin to communicate and develop better respect for each other. Che also talks passionately about how she would like her music to be inspirational to young girls and boys who grow up in the struggle that she's come from and expresses how comfortable she felt making such relatable and thought provoking music on her new album "As God Intended". Che is definitely a talent I will be looking forward to see grow in her music career and can't wait until this Apollo Brown LP is released on July 10th. Listen below and at this link



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