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Out Da Box Talks Episode 31 (Black Star LP Update, Madlib, Open Mike Eagle’s New Podcast Network etc

In this Episode 31 of Out Da Box Talks, Hosts Cril and A-Level speak briefly on Kanye West's recent announcement to run for President, the update on the anticipated New "Black Star" album featuring "Talib Kweli, Yasiin Bey and Madlib" and the possibility that it may not be released. We also talk about Madlib and his impact as a musician, while highlighting some of our favorite collabo projects from him. A-Level takes the time to speak highly about his classic collabo Album entitled "Jaylib" with J. Dilla and the impact the project had on his experience with Madlib. We also take the time to recognize Artist "Open Mike Eagle" on the launch of his New Podcast Network "Stony Island Audio" and some of the great things he has in store for this endeavor. The show closed out on a strong note as we highlight Hip Hop's longstanding voice against police brutality long before social media and recognize artist like Public Enemy and dead prez among many others throughout hip hop history through to today that have continued to be a music voice for the people against systematic racism and oppression against black and brown people. There are no guest/artist interviews in this episode but its definitely worth checking out.

Note: Also, I would like to apologize for some of the clipping/ distortion in the audio as the recording came out a little funky. However, I still decided to put this episode up, to make sure we had a show release this friday, even with periods of clipping in the audio I feel listeners would still be able to appreciate and understand this discussion. Listen directly below or at this link

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