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Out Da Box Talks Episode 35 (StaHHr Interview) Video/Audio

Host Cril of Out Da Box interviews native Atlanta Emcee "StaHHr" on a number of insightful topics, including how she first was inspired to emcee, why her name was initially StaHHr the F.E.M.C.E.E., and why she decided to drop the latter acronym. She also taks about the inspiration for the the theme and cover art for her first Album "Almost Neva Was", her experience of developing self and growing spiritually throughout different stages of her journey. She talks about how she first met MF DOOM, to having different features on a number of his Albums including her solo track "Still Dope" appearing on DOOM's "Born Like This " Album, words of advice she received from him and more. StaHHr also takes the time to talk about her sophomore and most recent LP "Mother Nature with a Molotov", her independent and tireless effort to release that album, the positive impact her music has had on other women and girls, her brand new maxi single release with Crazy DJ Bazarro, potential producers she would like to work with for another album and so much more. This interview is very indepth. I certainly had a wonderful time building with StaHHr and look forward to seeing her musical career continue to develop. Watch Episode at video above, listen to audio podcast below or at this link

Note from producer: This Interview was initially live streamed however there was an echo and my vocals as host came out a lot louder than StaHHr's so I had to edit the video in post production. You may also recognize moments of background noise in the video, as I was unable to do a proper monitoring of the audio while the stream was live so my apologies for those sounds as well. I really enjoyed doing this interview and I believe viewers will still be able to view and listen to this interview decently (even with the background noises and audio adjustment) so I certainly hope you enjoy.



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