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Out Da Box Talks Episode 37 (Cashus King Interview)

In this Episode 37 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with LA Emcee "Cashus King" on a number of topics, including how he first got inspired to rap, meeting fellow LA Emcee "Blu" and developing a friendship. He also talks about the inspirations for his previous Emcee Name "Co$$" and why it changed to "Cashus King" as well as the meaning behind the cash symbolism in the two titles. As the interview continues, "Cashus" takes time to talk about his latest project "Weightless" including the significance of the artwork, the exclamation points in each song title, as well as some other themes the album touches on like, mind power, friendship, gravity and more. Cashus also takes a moment to talk about his unique vocal presence as an Emcee and what inspires his sometimes commanding voice in his music. He also talks about the experience of the "Black American" in response to one of his newest tracks "Triggered, A Beast of No Nation" and delves into more thought provoking topics. Hope that this interview is inspiring! Listen below and at this link



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