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Out Da Box Talks Episode 4 (Masta Ace Interview)

In this special Out Da Box Talks show. Hosts "Cril" and "A-Level" speak in-depth with Legendary Brooklyn Emcee "Masta Ace" on a range of topics, including his beginnings in hip hop, collaborating with Producer Marco Polo, his interesting experience working with MF DOOM, his approach to concept albums, keeping his integrity and remaining relevant. His word of advice to the younger generation and even the older headz. Ace also talks about living with Multiple Sclerosis, how he was able to change his diet, his experience collaborating with Spike Lee on the Crooklyn Dodgers song for the "Crooklyn" film soundtrack and working with the legendary Juice Crew. He even took the time to share words of wisdom from his 17 year marriage. This was a very insightful convo and we had a wonderful time buildin' with such a respectful and humble veteran in hip hop. Masta Ace's presence in Hip Hop is certainly a jewel and one we highly value for his ongoing contributions. Much thanks to him for being open to speaking with us. Enjoy! Listen below and also at this link



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