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Out Da Box Talks Episode 41 (Pruven Interview)

In this Episode 41 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks in depth with NY Emcee "Pruven" on his inspirations to Emcee, collaborating with Vast Aire of the classic Cannibal Ox Hip Hop group, the inspiration for the artwork on his successful "Clandestine Rituals LP", working with producer "Jak Progresso", specific lyrics and themes on the album as well as his newer "Asiatic African Arts LP". This interview is a quite in depth one and especially interesting if you are a fan of deciphering lyrics and appreciate intellectual talk. I'm particularly proud of this interview because I was able to explore the meaning behind some of the thought provoking themes on these 2 projects in which Pruven actually released this year. If you are already a fan of Pruven, I believe you'll certainly appreciate the interview. If this is your first time learning of him, hopefully you'll be inspired to explore his music with an open mind. Enjoy and Be Inspired! Listen below and at this link



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