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Out Da Box Talks Episode 43 (A-F-R-O Interview)

In this Episode 43 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Southern California Emcee "A-F-R-O" on how his inspirations to Rap, meeting his favorite Emcee "RA The Rugged Man" and eventually traveling the world and meeting some of his other favorite Hip Hop artists. He talks about how his Emcee name A-F-R-O came to be, releasing his AFRO Polo project with Marco Polo in 2016 and why he's yet to release his first official Full Length album after a number of years of him making music. He also takes the time to talk about his strengths as a Lyricist and what has helped him to be successful at freestyling and other aspects of his lyricsm. In the interview A-F-R-O speaks on some of his challenges growing up from being bullied as a youth, and experiencing a car accident as a teenager along with how he was able to overcome and gain positive insight out of these experiences. He even talks about his clever ability to do the fast rap, without jumbling or skipping over words yet still making the rhyme make sense. As a talented as the brother is, he's definitely one of the most humble artists I've interviewed. If you are a true Hip Hop lyric fan and respectful of artists who truly contribute the progress of the Emcee Artform, I think you'll definitely appreciate this interview. Be Inspired! Enjoy! Listen below or directly at this link



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