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Out Da Box Talks Episode 46 (J. Sands Interview)

In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with native Pittsburgh Emcee "J. Sands" on his inspirations to Emcee and pursue music, his beginnings with Hip Hop group "Lone Catalysts" comprised of himself and producer "J. Rawls", learning the music business and growing as an entrepreneur and independent artist, his latest project VFBOYAB"Vote For Biden Or You Aint Black", why he chose to title the Album after the said Joe Biden comment, the "Karen" track which takes a thought provoking approach and critically expounds on the popular "Karen Meme" as well as the idea of white privelage, his new single "Da Rona" reflecting on the effects of the Corona virus and the impact of the pandemic, his previous "The Black Revolution Album", some of the subject matter and themes on the LP and more. Listen below or a this link



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