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Out Da Box Talks Episode 52 (Lyric Jones Interview)

In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks in depth with native Boston Emcee/Singer, Producer "Lyric Jones" about her journey and development as an artist, growing to a place of getting appreciation for her music, collaborating with Phonte of "Little Brother" as executive producer on her latest Album "Closer Than They Appear", the meaning behind the title of the project and more. Lyric even takes time to break down a number of lyrics displayed on the album as well as the significance behind some of the concepts on the project. She also takes time to speak about her 2019 project "Ga$ Money" produced by Nameless, her recent NPR Tiny Desk home performance and gives insight into reasons why black men and women sometimes have conflict in understanding and respecting each other. The interview definitely goes in depth and has more content as it clocks in about almost 2 hours. I certainly hope that this listen is an insightful one. Listen below or at this link



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