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Out Da Box Talks Episode 53 – One Be Lo Interview

In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks in depth with Talented Michigan Emcee "One Be Lo" on his earliest experiences pursuing Hip Hop, the development of the group/movement "Binary Star", and his inspiration and experience moving to the country of Egypt. He also talks in depth about his conceptual approach to his albums, as well as themes and lyrics expressed on his highly anticipated LP out now, entitled "B.A.B.Y. Being A Black Youth". We even talk a bit about his recent EP "C-Section" and tap into some of the lyrics and meaning behind the project. This interview was one of the longest interviews I've done for Out Da Box Talks but I believe it's well worth the listen, as it features a truly creative and talented Artist of our time. Take the time to listen when you can. Listen below or at this link



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