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Out Da Box Talks – Episode 54 (Hezekiah Interview)

In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks Host Cril talks in depth with Emcee, Producer, Singer "Hezekiah" on his vast career experiences as an artist as well as the inspiration and meaning behind his latest Album "The Universe Does Not Reward Fear". We talk about everything from his beginnings as an artist to to his growth in the music biz, him overcoming a brain aneurysm, getting back to his career and looking at life differently. One of the significant topics that comes up prominently on the new album is that of "Forgiveness" and the importance of it, and we delve in to this topic thoughtfully in the interview. Hezekiah also talks about his experiences being mistaken for the famous Gospel Artist "Hezekiah Walker" and share stories about his experience with developing the Beat Society "Event Series" back in the early 2000's and the variety of artists he was able to build a successful relationship with. We talk about some of his earlier collaboration work with other artists like "Ishe, Chief Kamachi and Lady Alma", and Hez also talks about his comradare with other philly artists and the benefit it has brought to him in his music career. He also talks about bringing his music to yoga sessions and more. This is a very in depth interview so I hope you are able to listen through it all and gain some valuable insight on what Hezekiah represent as an Artist and Quality contribution to Music Today. Listen below or at this link

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