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Out Da Box Talks Episode 61 (Jay NiCE Interview)

In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril talks with Delaware Emcee "J NiCE" about his beginnings in pursuing Hip Hop music, connecting with fellow Emcee "Tha God Fahim" and The Dump Collective. He also talks in depth about his new Album with Denmark Producer "Machacha" entitled "A Stream Of Consciousness", how him and Machacha decided to collaborate, the reason for the title of the album as well as a number of themes and topics discussed in the lyrics of the album. We also talk about topics like consistency, discipline and staying healthy and take it a bit back to his successful 2019 Album "Supreme Black History" which highlights his Grandfather's amazing Legacy as a Painter among other topics reflective of Black History, success and overcoming challenges. The interview is around 1 hour and 30 mins but truly insightful. Definitely take a listen below or watch the video above on our Youtube Channel: Out Da Box TV. I certainly hope you are inspired and enjoy the interview.



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