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Out Da Box Talks Episode 62 - Big Stacks & Nite Tyme Interview

In this Episode 62 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with N.C. native, Philly based Producer/Emcee "Big Stacks" and Milwaukee Emcee "Nite Tyme" about their brand New Album "The Vibe Out". We talk about everything from how the group first met and what inspired them to do this project. We also talk about the sound of the album resembling an organic boom bap hip hop vibe and how Big Stacks was able to put together the production for the album. Nite Tyme also gives meaning to certain lyrics and themes on the album, ranging from one of the 1st tracks "Gina" to other songs like "Make It Happen" which shares a general message about overcoming challenges to achieve goals, as well as records like "Heavy On My Mind" which speaks on the challenges we as a community has faced thus far with regards to the pandemic as well Black peoples struggle to overcome oppression and racial injustice through out the years. We also talk about a few other tracks on the album and the brothers take a moment to share their thoughts on the Underground Hip Hop scene today to express whether or not Hip Hop music has elevated lyrically since the original golden era. The interview is quite an insightful one, and I certainly hope those listening will be inspired. Big Stacks and Nite Tyme's New Album "The Vibe Out" is exactly that, an organic Boom Bap Hip Hop vibe that reflects on a wide array of topics that are everyday people relatable. It's in no way preachy but certainly mature in sound and lyrical approach. If you are a fan of 90's Boom Bap Hip Hop I think this project would be at least appreciated. Check out "The Vibe Out" now available on digital streaming platforms and feel free to watch the full video interview on our youtube channel Out Da Box TV above or Listen to our High Quality Audio Podcast at link below. Enjoy the Episode!



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