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Out Da Box Talks Episode 67 - AKAI SOLO Interview

Updated: May 5, 2021

Brooklyn NY Emcee "AKAI SOLO" about his journey to pursue Hip Hop, coming up in the new New York Underground Hip Hop Scene, the significance of the "Tase Grip Collective" and what they represent. He also talks about his Brand New "The Lightwork EP" with YL and Producer "Roper Williams", delves into some of the lyrics from his latest "Eleventh Wind Project" and "RAFT (Ride Alone Fly Together) LP". He even gives some insight into his signature melodic flow which can be heard occasionally in his music and the inspiration that came from Artist "Kid Cuddy. The interview delves into some really thought provoking convo from AKAI, and eventually progresses to a glimpse of some of the upcoming projects he has instore for the rest of 2021. Get to know AKAI, if you're not already familiar, and if you are, I hope that this interview enhances your experience with his music.



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