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Out Da Box Talks Episode 69 - Sage Poet Interview

In this Episode 69 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Malawi, Africa Emcee/Producer "Sage Poet" about his inspiration to pursue Emceeing growing up in Malawi Africa, his music career and more. He gives a brief glimpse of his Album catalogue from 2018 to Today, and talks in depth about his new amazing concept LP entitled "Parable Of The Chariot". We talk about the themes, lyrics, concept and subject matter through out the album. I strongly encourage you, the viewer or listener to take a listen "Parable Of The Chariot" either before or after you check out this interview if you haven't heard it yet, as this interview makes a whole lot more sense once you do so. However, you still get an opportunity to learn about "Sage's" brilliance as an Emcee, and his ability to create such clever and thought provoking music, that gives poetic insight into specific events of history and enables the listener to visualize the music in a cinematic way.



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