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Out Da Box Talks Episode 74 - Substantial Interview

In this Episode 74 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks in depth with Emcee/Producer and now Author "Substantial" about his new Children's Book "She Sees" inspired by his song "In My Daughters' Eyes" and his Album "A Soundtrack For Fatherhood" which you get with the digital book as well. We also talk about his music and career achievements since our interview last year in August, including his "Winter Breaks 2" project with Marcus D by the group name "Bop Alloy" and more. The interview is very in-depth and delves deeply into Substantial and his wife's inspiration for creating the children's book "She Sees", the illustration/artwork, uplifting messages in the book and more. Feel encouraged to support the empowering and great work this brother is doing. Also the Book makes a great Father's Day Gift for those looking for some ideas. Enjoy and Be Inspired! Video of interview above and Audio of Interview available below

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