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Out Da Box Talks Episode 80 - Brandon Isaac & Free Mind Interview

In this Out Da Box Talks Episode 80, Host Cril talks in depth with native Cincinnati Emcee "Brandon Isaac" and Los Angeles Producer "Free Mind" about how they came together to collaborate, as well as their upcoming music and project under the group name "The North Star", and being inspired by Talib Kweli and Yasiin Bey's classic "Black Star" album. They also talk about their previous music (separate from each other), as well as their individual approaches to creating music. Brandon takes the time to talk about his recent "Sketches Of Healing" project, which is a series of vocal EPs from Vol. 1 through 3 released between last year and this year, culminating as a project now available on streaming platforms as a 10 song album known as "Sketches of Healing 2020". He talks about the album title, as well as some of the lyrics and rhyme approach to the "Sketches of Healing" series/project. Free Mind gives good insight into what inspires his richly soulful boom bap production, the production format he uses to make beats, how he's able to get his drums to sound so crispy and much more. The interview gives a good glimpse into the amazing talent that these two brothers have to offer and their dedication to quality hip hop. I certainly hope you are inspired! Watch video interview above and audio podcast of interview below. Free Mind's latest Beat Tape project is entitled "Magnum Opus" along with his numerous Beat tape albums are out now on his bandcamp page, and Brandon Isaac's latest album "Sketches Of Healing 2020" is on streaming platforms, while the Sketches Of Healing Vol series is on bandcamp. Enjoy!



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