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Out Da Box Talks Episode 81 - MRK SX Interview

In this Episode 81 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Detroit, Michigan Emcee "MRK SX" about his inspiration to Emcee and his history starting out as a producer. He also talks in depth about his 2 amazing new albums "The Rise of SX Heisenberg" and "NRMLZ GRWTH" both produced by "Clint Taylor", including the themes, subject matter and some of the lyrics on both projects. The conversation speaks on everything from collaborating with Emcee "Speech" of the legendary hip hop group "Arrested Development" , to the idea and reality of MRK creating Hip Hop in his 40's, to topics like Believing in yourself, Being about your Business, turning negative situations into positive or progressive outcomes, living a healthier lifestyle, overcoming Ego and more. The interview runs a little over 2 Hours but I believe well worth the watch and listen. Hope you are inspired! Watch full video interview above and audio of interview below



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