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Out Da Box Talks Episode 84 -Rhinoceros Funk & Yahzeed Divine (AOR Interview)

In this Out Da Box Talks Episode 84, Hosts Cril and A Level talk with Emcees ""Rhinoceros Funk" and "Yahzeed Divine" (Agents of Reform) about their new Album "The Agenda" available now on They also talk briefly about their individual journey as lyricists, also being members of trio Hip Hop group "Sophisticated Savage" and coming back together to form "Agents of Reform". The two emcees talk about the new album "The Agenda", the message behind the project, the production contribution and the impact they would like the music to have. They also talk about that time they met Hip Hop Pioneer "Melle Mel" and he gave them props for their music. Rhino takes the time to talk about his weekly radio show entitled "Guerrilla Grooves Radio". His love and involvement to continue the show after amassing over 200 and more episodes. You can also listen to audio podcast of this interview at the link below. Watch Video of interview above on Youtube Out Da Box TV. Also listen to audio of interview below. Enjoy!

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