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Out Da Box Talks Episode 92 - Tall Black Guy & Ozay Moore Interview

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

In this Out Da Box Talks Episode 92, Host Cril talks in depth with Detroit Producer “Tall Black Guy” and Native Seattle Emcee “Ozay Moore” about their new Album "Of Process and Progression", the significance of album's concept and title, the thought provoking subject matter, lyrics and more. TBG and Ozay start the interview off by giving insight to some of their most impactful music moments in their career and what has brought them to where they are in music today. Tall Black Guy talks about his patient production approach with the OPAP album, the vision he had in mind for the music, the fortunate way in how the music came together, the chemistry he shares with Ozay, his soulful "Abstractions" Album that came out this year with fellow producer "Zo!" and more. Ozay takes the time to touch on a number of thoughtful subjects he spits about on the album, dealing with topics related to Higher learning (College), preserving and progressing Hip Hop Culture, Gentrification, becoming a positive Leader and more. This interview runs a bit over 2 hours long but is well worth it, especially after listening to their amazing Album "Of Process and Progression". Either way I still encourage you to take a thorough listen, I believe you will enjoy! Watch Interview at video above (on Out Da Box TV via youtube) and listen to high quality audio of interview below (also on spotify, google, apple etc.). Enjoy!



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