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Out Da Box Talks Episode 95 - MC Till of Boom Bap Review Interview

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

In this Out Da Box Talks Episode 95, Host Cril talks with MC Till of Everybody's Hip Hop & The Boom Bap Review Magazine about his early inspirations with Hip Hop as well as his history as an Emcee. He also talks about the EHH Movement and the team's contribution to informing others about quality new Boom Bap Hip Hop through music reviews via the Boom Bap Review Magazine, as well as having Emcee, Producers, Journalists, Interviews and social media discussions about Hip Hop not only new and newsworthy today but also in recognition to classic boom bap hip hop of yesterday. The Boom Bap Review is a Physical and now digital Magazine released once a year and features well thought out reviews on recommended Boom Bap and Independent Hip Hop Albums released from November to November. The 2021 Boom Bap Review is scheduled to be released on Friday November 26th. It will be available to order at the Tune in to this interview to learn more about MC Till, Everybody's Hip Hop, and Boom Bap Review. Enjoy! Watch video above at Out Da Box TV on Youtube. Listen to audio below or on Spotify, Apple, Google etc.



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