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Out Da Box Talks - Paul Willis Interview

In this Episode 64 of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril speaks with Boston Native/now Sacramento Emcee “Paul Willis” about his New Album “Wonderland”. The inspiration and concept of the album, his journey coming up in Boston, overcoming challenges growing up with a mom who was drug addicted and an absentee father, but being raised by a loving grand mother and learning to look at his circumstances from a positive perspective. Paul also takes the time to talk about the process of recording the album, the producers who contributed to the project, the Live, Acoustic versions of the album and the "Wonderland Film". He also gives some great insight about his “Hip Hop Is Fine Art Campaign” as well as his work as an organizer and consultant in Sacramento. This interview is extremely in depth as Paul has quite a lot to express about his many efforts of contributing to community upliftment and utilizing his spoken word talent and rhymes to bring about substance in his music. Even more, he goes further into his efforts in the bonus segment of the interview (only available to pattern subscribers of Out Da Box Media). I had an awesome time chatting with Bro Paul and I hope you will enjoy the interview as well as his amazing new Album “Wonderland” which is available now. High Quality Audio version of this main interview is also available via our audio podcast on Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Overcast etc. Just search for "Out Da Box Talks"



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