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Out Da Box Talks Podcast: Episode 21 (MidaZ the BEAST Interview)

In this Brand New Episode of Out Da Box Talks, host "Cril" talks with Orlando Emcee/Writer "MidaZ the BEAST" on his new Album "Where The Sidewalk Ends" as well as how he's been able to establish a name and recognition in Hip Hop coming out of Orlando. MidaZ delivers some insightful words in this interview about the process of creating "Where The Sidewalk Ends", working with Producer "Delle Digga", and the inspiration and significance behind the music, as well as the album cover art. Cril gets MidaZ to break down the meaning behind some clever quotables (lines) from the album, creating the atmosphere for appreciating more of MidaZ's lyrical prowess. MidaZ also takes the time to explain how he would like to be defined as an artist and shares a bit of insight into upcoming projects he has in store for the rest of 2020 and beyond. I had a lot of fun doing this interview! especially during the quotable moments. If you're a fan of MidaZ or his new Album "Where The Sidewalk Ends", I think you'll truly enjoy this episode. If you're new to MidaZ then I think you're in for a treat in learning about a really dope Artist. Either way, I hope you certainly enjoy! Be Safe, Be Inspired, Be Healthy! Listen below and at this link



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