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Out Da Box Talks Podcast: Episode 22 (POW BUNDY Interview)

In this Episode 23 of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril talks with Staten Island Emcee "Squeegie O" on his Brand New LP "From Niggaz to Godz". He explains how the music came together with Producer "P Soulist" and what inspired the Album Title and significance of the Album Cover. Squeegie also takes the time to answer the question "What it would take for the average Hip Hop fan to wake up and demand more substance from Artists?", while also recognizing the negative outcomes of following fraudulent Rappers and valuing the importance of Conscious lyrics over hustle and business in Hip Hop. Host Cril also talks to Squeegie about lines referenced from his tracks "Step Brovaz, Saturdayz and Negro 911" that reflect on thought provoking topics dealing with Self reflection, the misconceptions of the "Hood", the perception of the "Real Nigga" and more. Indeed this was an insightful interview and if you're a fan of that authentic NY Hip Hop sound reminiscent of artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Tragedy Khadafi, Capone-N-Noreaga and others alike, I think you'll enjoy Squeegie O's new LP "From Niggaz to Godz". In addition, his lyrics are consistently thought provoking and conscious minded, questioning the degrading aspects of the Hip Hop industry and its impact on the today's generation. I certainly hope that this interview will inspire you to check out his music if you haven't heard it already, and enhance your appreciation for him as an artist if you have. Either way, I hope you enjoy! Listen below and directly at this link



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