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Out Da Box Talks Podcast: Episode 24 – Passport Rav Interview

In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril speaks in depth with Emcee/Producer "Passport Rav" about his Brand New EP "Dual Citizenship". At the beginning of the interview, Rav explains how he got started as an Emcee and what lead to him developing a respectful relationship with the Legendary "LL Cool J". He also explains the inspiration for the consistent "Travel Themes" that appear in the majority of his music. Passport Rav explains how he came up with the title "Dual Citizenship" and what he wanted to convey with the EP. He also gives insight to thought provoking themes on the EP, like "Outter Riches, Inner Poverty" and what it would take to make a shift to a more consciously progressive path as a people. He speaks briefly on the concept of the "Circadian Rhythm" and what his intentions were in creating a song named after the title. He talks about learning to live with "Loss and Gain" and attempting to see it in the most positive way in this day and age, while reflecting on the great things he's learned from loved ones like his deceased Uncle Charles. He even takes the time to ponder what it would be like if the late great "Malcolm X" were alive today and using Social Media to navigate beyond the distractions/ trolls in order get his message across. The interview is packed with a lot of significant topics dealing with everything from Improving Self to growing in Spiritual Awareness, Black Pride, Healing and more. I certainly hope you listen with an open mind and will be inspired positively by this awesome interview. Listen below or stream directly at this link

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