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Out Da Box TV – A-Alikes Interview (Part 1 & 2)

After quite a bit of a hiatus, Out Da Box TV returns with a special 2 Part episode featuring Revolutionary rap group the “A-Alikes”. Made up of emcee’s K and Ness, most are probably familiar with the group through the affiliation with their politcally outspoken comrades “deadprez“. Fresh off the release of their new EP entitled “Us Against Them” the duo humbly spoke with us on a number of thought provoking topics that affect the working class, black, brown and poor in the world today. They spoke on the significance of their EP’s title “Us Against Them” in defining who represents “Us” and who represents “Them”. We also discussed the ongoing fight for the people to achieve justice and freedom despite the stopping and drifting from protest, when all the media hype dies down. We also spoke on the cycle of struggle that the working class has unfortunately continued to endure, the idea of working one’s entire life and having nothing to show for it after retirement, which is a theme that rings loud and clear in their EP’s lead single “Whole Life”. The duo also spoke about their RBG comrades “dead prez” and the musical influences the group had on them, as well as K and Ness’ desire to eat healthier in this day of GMO affected foods and poor diet in the working class community. It was indeed a great pleasure to have such an meaningful conversation with the “A-Alikes”. Check out Part 1 above and Part 2 below. Feel free to pick up their latest EP entitled “Us Against Them” and share or post our exclusive interview with the group if you like what you see. Also be sure to check out our newly launched audio podcast entitled “Out Da Box Radio” by clicking the radio show tab on Much Thanks for supporting Out Da Box always. Enjoy!




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